Acads - Live Online Platform for Higher Education in Data Science

"I don't know what's the matter with people: they don't learn by understanding; they learn by some other way - by rote, or something. Their knowledge is so fragile!"

Richard P Feynman

Academy for Data Science ( has been established with an objective of imparting excellent education in the area of Data Science to all aspiring and enterprising individuals. It is our constant endeavor to provide high quality course material and guidance from eminent and experienced academicians from around the world. Acads platform brings together top rated faculty and staff, latest content from the web and a group of motivated students in an interactive setting. Acads platform is designed to enhance learning and understanding of the subject by maximizing interaction and group projects wherever feasible. At Acads we teach graduate level courses by generating enough interest and curiosity in the subject and providing students with appropriate guidance. At a graduate level course students learn the most by doing projects, assignments, discussions and by asking questions. Our courses are designed to enhance all these critical elements of learning. We adopt advanced technology and leverage web resources for enhancing the experience and quality of education wherever it is required. Salient features of our program are:

» Course moderated, prepared and managed by top-rated faculty

» TA assisted weekly mandatory sessions to discuss assignments and projects

» Group participation and discussion of the weekly topics assigned by the instructors

» In class participation and discussion of the weekly topics assigned by the instructors

» Specially designed projects which require group work

» Live seminars and online interactive sessions with the instructors

» Accurate skill assessment through regular quizzes, assignments, projects and a final exam

At Acads we acknowledge that in addition to high quality course content and experienced faculty, peer interaction, group projects and deadlines are important components of learning process and our platform is designed to maximize this multi-way interaction and communication. At Acads our focus is to train graduates with the best available skillset and to provide them with ample opportunities to master practical implementation of advanced ideas.

In addition to our focus on academic standards, we also believe that there is need for an experienced mentor for career counselling. Accordingly we also provide opportunities to interact with leading industry professionals in the data science domain to provide counselling to our students.