​​​At acads we are committed to providing enriched learning environment and develop critical thinking. We strive to keep the class composition homogeneous in terms of required academic background. Most of our courses are fast paced graduate level courses and we carefully examine background of every student applying for a course. We also offer foundation courses in statistics and programming for individuals who are highly motivated to take up career in data science but do not have required mathematical background.

Admission to all our courses except Python programming requires an online application process to check if you have required background for understanding the course material

General Requirements

» Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a Science discipline

» Good understanding of Calculus and Linear Algebra

» Prior programming experience

We encourage all individuals who plan to take our advanced level Data Science courses to first go through our foundation courses in Calculus and Linear algebra. Also if you are not confident about your programming skills then we recommend first going through our Python programming course.

Our Data Structure, Algorithms and Database courses require expert level programming skills and we strongly recommend taking programming courses before diving into other computer science courses.