Advisory Board

Manish Singh

Manish Singh -


Manish Singh is a quantitative trader at Cubist Systematic Strategies, New York. He currently trades mid frequency equity strategies across global markets using advanced statistical and mathematical models. Manish in his current role develops computerized trading strategies by analyzing large and complex data sets using mathematical techniques and data oriented programming languages. Manish previously worked at Blackrock solutions and UBS Investment Bank where he was instrumental in implementing large scale risk systems for pricing and valuing complex synthetic derivatives. His areas of interest are building systematic trading strategies, Alpha design, portfolio management, risk modeling and execution algorithms. Manish received his BTech degree from IIT Kanpur, MS degree in Computer Science from Purdue University and MS degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago.

Niels O Nygaard

Niels O Nygaard -


Niels O Nygaard is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Chicago since 1982. Prior to joining the University of Chicago he taught at Princeton University. He holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from MIT. Professor Nygaard was the Director of the Financial Mathematics Program since its inception in 1996 until April 2010. Besides his interest in Financial Mathematics he has done research in Arithmetic, Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory. Professor Nygaard was the founding director of both the Financial Mathematics Program and the Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics. Professor Nygaard is a recognized scientist in the field of financial mathematics and has a long list of publications.


NSVK Rao -

Program Advisor

Dr Rao was a former Professor in the department of Civil Engineering at IIT Kanpur. Dr Rao is presently a Professor in Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. He received Ph.D degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur and ME degree from IISC Bangalore. Dr Rao area of research are Numerical Algorithms, Finite Element analysis, Foundation dynamics and Computational Mechanics. Dr Rao has published 4 International text books, 2 book chapters, over 150 research papers in Journals like ASCE, ASME, AIAA and is a member of Editorial Board and Reviewer of prestigious Journals. He held several important academic management positions at IIT Kanpur like Head of Civil Engineering, Head of Computer Center, Chairman- GATE and Chairman- Central Counselling Board, Government of India.