Acads courses provide students with the advanced training necessary to analyze, evaluate and apply analytical skills to handle large scale data problems. Our courses are designed to have a strong connection between theory and practice by having numerous projects implementation in Python and R. Classroom discussions, debates and group work are the primary medium of teaching in our courses. We encourage students to ask questions, challenge existing ideas and implement creative solutions

Data Science Specialization

All our courses have been carefully designed by the collaborative effort of academicians and practitioners to have a right balance. Our advanced courses in data science and quantitative finance specializations are extremely demanding and intense as it introduces students to complex mathematical and statistical concepts.

Computer Science Specialization

Our Computer Science program offers courses in Python Programming, Database Design, Data Structures and Algorithms. Our Advanced Computing program offers courses in Operating System, Compilers and Computer Networks

Quantitative Finance Specialization

Our Quant finance program offers courses in Portfolio Theory, Quantitative Trading Strategies and Risk Management and Portfolio Construction